• PI: Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Inspired by Multiple Aquatic Species (ONR-N00014-16-1-2413).

  • PI: Scalable Nanomanufacturing of Cyclic Peptide-based Nanorobots for In Vivo Sensing (NSF-CMMI: 1300167). Co-I: Yongzhong Wang

  • PI: Acquisition of a Digital Holographic Microscopte for 3D Imaging of Swimming Microorganisms, Office of Naval Research. Co-PI: Scott Lenaghan

  • PI: Nanoindenter for Studying Mechanical Properties of Nanomaterials, Army Research Office. Co-PI: Scott Lenaghan

  • Young Investigator Program Award (Office of Naval Research): Energy Efficient Swimming Mechanism: An Inspiration from Micro-scale Biological Systems (ONR-N00014-11-1-0622).

  • PI: Nanoparticles to Increase Strength of Surface Adhesion: An Inspiration from Biological Systems (NSF-CMMI: 1029953). Co-PI: Michael Simpson

  • PI: Mechanics of Nanoparticles (Army Research Office. W911NF-10-1-0114). Co-PIs: Maozi Liu and Sharon Bewick

  • PI: Ivy Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications (NSF-CBET: 0965877). Co-PIs: Neal Stewart and Maozi Liu

  • Co-PI: Biology on demand: external control of a complex cellular system, S. cerevisiae (National Academies Keck Futures Initiative. PI: John P. Wikswo).

  • PI: Nano-scaffolds to Enhance Chemical Detection. Co-PI: Thomas Thundat and Ali Passian

  • PI: BioMEMS. Co-PI: Henry Lin and Ali Passian

  • PI: Lab-on-a-Chip and Life Science Automation.


  • Swimming and Attachment of Giardia (PNAS, 2011) sponsored by ONR YIP.

  • Nanofibers and nanoparticles from Sundew adhesive for cell attachment.

  • Venus Flytrap Inspired Robotic Trapper by Mimicking Nonlinear Dynamics of the Opening/Closing Mechanism of the Plant.

  • Ivy Secreted nanoparticles for Surface Adhesive. The right two figures are images taken using our AFM, showing nanoparticles around 70 nano-meter in diameter.

  • Nanofibers Used in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (Yun Nan Bai Yao) for Platelet Aggregation, Leading to Clotting and the Sealing of Wounds.

  • Mussel Secrets Nanoparticles for Surface Adhesive.

  • Venus Flytrap Sensing and Closing Mechanisms.

Department of Biomedical Engineering • The Ohio State University • Columbus • Ohio 43201