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Courses Taught at Ohio State University, Columbus (2014 - )

  • Biomedical Microdevices: Design, fabrication and characterization of microdevices for sensing, actuation and control in biomedical engienering (Spring Semester).
  • Advanced Medical Devices: Theory and Implementation to Interface with Biological Systems (Fall Semester).
  • Biomedical Measurement and Instrumentation (Spring Semester. BME core course for undergraduate students).

Courses Taught at University of Tennessee, Knoxvile (2008-2013)

  • Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Bioinstrumentation (Fall Semester).
  • Systems Biology and Complex System Theory (Fall Semester).
  • Nano Bio-systems and Bio-mimetics (Spring Semester).
  • Principles of Biomedical Engineering (Fall Semester).


  • Our number-one priority is to serve the community by education and research.
  • Our interests are primarily in the interdisciplinary fields of engineering and life sciences.

Department of Biomedical Engineering The Ohio State University Columbus Ohio 43201